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Blue Skies

If addiction has taken over your life, now is the time to do something about it. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Addiction affects all areas of our lives, leaving us in a fog, unable to think clearly. Family, friends and co-workers are impacted by our behavior and our moods. Relationships fall apart, our bodies and our spirits suffer. Having specialized in addiction treatment for more than 30 years, I offer a warm, confidential environment in which to help you find the clarity you need to break the cycle of addiction so you and those around you may lead happier lives.


I also offer help for co-occurring issues: mood regulation, anxiety and anger management, trauma,  and high functioning autism. I am trained in EMDR, Tapping, Action Methods and Mindfulness Practices. In addition, I frequently work in consultation with other therapists, providing EMDR and substance abuse assessments and treatment, in conjunction with the primary therapeutic work being done by the referring therapist.

Childhood trauma, physical and emotional abuse, and PTSD contribute to the dysregulation of the brain's response to stress. Understanding the complex impact of trauma and it's connection to substance abuse is essential for reclaiming one's mind and body.

Services Provided:

  • Individual Therapy for older Adolescents and Adults
  • Alcohol/Drug Assessments and Counseling
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Mood Regulation for Anxiety, Depression and Anger Management
  • EMDR as an adjunct to other individual therapy
  • Consultation to other Professionals


If you have an addiction or other mental health issue, live with someone who does, or grew up with parents who struggled with addiction/MH problems, or if you are experiencing emotion regulation issues, please:

Reach out today for a brief consultation!


Kathy Lutz, LCSW, LCADC, CP | | 460 Bloomfield Avenue,, Suite 211, Montclair , NJ, 07042 USA | Phone 201 836-0303

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